Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Mosaics With Paper Clay, Paper Pulp & Found Objects

 (Mosaic Madonna created with paper clay and paint on wood. approximately 29" x 41")

      I've worked with multiple paper clays and pulps for years. This large "mosiac" took several years to complete as do many of my three dimensional pieces. There are approximately three hundred flowers in this artwork. The frame cost me a small fortune but I do believe that it helps make the piece. I also repainted it to match the color selections in the mosaic and this particular mosaic is permanently attached to its' frame.

close-up of the above mosaic

another close-up of the mosaic Madonna

      I've included below a lovely mosaic that I worked on with my kids when they were small. This piece was created by more traditional methods utilizing glue, grout and varnish. Many students enjoy working with mosaics because they can produce fast, professional results without much experience. It is one of the few processes that can be adapted for so many grade levels. The last two photographs are of paper mache bowl samples that include mosaic applications. I crafted these for future lessons in my art classroom.

mosaic by Grimm kids

My teacher samples of mosaic paper mache bowls.

A close-up of one of the sample paper mache bowls.

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