Saturday, September 24, 2011

stitch some felt coasters to protect your furniture

A sample of the snowflake design was
used to craft the felt coaster above.
(approx. diameter across, 3 1/2 inches)
Brief Description: Felt coasters make wonderful little, inexpensive gifts. Children may practice their sewing and cutting skills while producing a set for a parent or grandparent. 

  • Supply List:
  •    1. At least two contrasting colors of felt or a grab bag of felt scraps will due.
  •    2. Sharp scissors
  •    3. No sew if you prefer (I did not use it, but it can make this endeavor much easier. You will need an iron too if you go this route.)
  •    4. Embroidery threads of matching or contrasting color.
  •    5. Coaster templates
  •    6. Black permanent ink marker or a very soft lead pencil

  1. Print and cut out the felt coaster templates provided below.
  2. Trace around all of the details of the template on top of the colored felt you have chosen for the top part of the coaster. Children may prefer to use the permanent ink pen for this part of the process. It is easier to see on dark felt.
  3. Then place your circular felt top onto a contrasting felt and use it as a template to cut two additional felt circles that will become the bottom half of the coaster.
  4. Set aside the third blank felt piece for later.
  5. Sew with straight stitches the fancy top to one of the back sides with a pleasing design. Children find it easiest to follow the outlines of the pattern. Remember to knot and backstitch in order to keep your work from unraveling.
  6. Place the third felt circle on top of the first back side and either whip stitch the three felt circles together or use a blanket stitch, if you prefer. This third piece of felt will hide all of your knots!
Additional Suggestions: Some people may elect to craft this project with "No Sew."  Read and follow the directions given on the packaging of the "No Sew" instead of stitching the coaster together by hand.
Diamond design template by Grimm for a felt coaster.
Cross and fish design template by Grimm for a felt coaster.
Mum design template by Grimm for a felt coaster.
Snowflake design template by Grimm for a felt coaster.

A wheel and spoke design by Grimm for a felt coaster.
All of these templates may be downloaded and sized in a
word document to fit the above measurements.
Read the Terms of Use before using it folks.

All patterns and photographs by Grimm copyrighted 2017.

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