Wednesday, January 29, 2014

four sample doll challenges to develop lesson plans with

four doll challenges
      Because I am an art educator, I have a different point of view when it comes to “doll challenges.” Add just a few more steps plus an assessment form and “presto chango,” you’ve got a lesson plan! I will include my “doll challenges” here in the near future along with links to those web “doll enthusiasts” who are busy pursuing new challenges of their own. My “Challenges” are written in a lesson plan format suitable for adaptations by both middle school and high school art educators, however, teachers will need to add additional information about State and National Standards. Doll challenges present a wide variety of methods and applications that can be included in textile art classes, sewing classes and/or art clubs.
      If you are a doll artist and would like to submit photos of a completed doll for one or all of  these challenges, I will review your project and post it under the category for others to appreciate and learn from. Include the information listed at the bottom of each challenge under the label description along with several nice jpgs. Web participants should also identify the name of a pattern he or she uses and where other readers may find it if they should choose not to design their own patterns for the project. Email your entry to Remember that students visit this web journal often and I will not include work that could be considered “inappropriate” for young children. (I have taught drawing and painting anatomy courses but do not include ‘nude’ content on my education web pages because of Missouri state rules and regulations concerning classroom content.) I can also give your web journal a backlink if you’d like. There are no ‘awards’ or monetary prizes for participation, sorry.
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Traditional Lesson Plans About Dolls for Art Educators: Kokeshi DollsSeminole Doll Making * Native American Dolls *

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