Indigenous People's Clip Art

       Here I will endeavor to maintain a clip art file for those educators who need images and other artifacts representing indigenous peoples. Many of them have either been produced by myself, are derivative works or have been restored from the public domain. 
       Teachers may use the work in the production of lesson plans and as visual aids within the boundaries of their classroom and it's materials without compensation to me. 
       Do not, however, re-publish the content on the web within a clip art collection database. You may use an occasional image for reference in an article. In such cases, a link must also be returned to this blog at Include the link just below the image within the caption.
"Cultural heritage in general consists of the products and processes of a culture that are preserved and passed on through the generations. Some of that heritage takes the form of cultural property, formed by tangible artifacts such as buildings or works of art. Many parts of culture, however are intangible, including song, music, dance, drama, skills, cuisine, crafts and festivals. They are forms of culture that can be recorded but cannot be touched or stored in physical form, like in a museum, but only experienced through a vehicle giving expression to it. These cultural vehicles are called "Human Treasures" by the United Nations."

Indigenous clip art drawings by kathy grimm:

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