Art Lesson Plans

    Under this index, I will share K-12 grade unit lesson plans that I have developed for my future classrooms. Even though the materials here are free, all of the unit lessons/art lesson plans are indeed copyrighted. So be sure to respect and give credit where it is due if you decide to keep the lesson plans on file for your own personal use.
      Fine Art may be integrated with other subjects in order to teach concepts, facts, and additional information connected to all of the Liberal Arts Studies. These studies may include: literature, languages, philosophy, history, mathematics and science. Most of my lesson plans include reading comprehension, art history, and fine arts methods. However, I do write some lessons plans that integrate standards from science, literature and history as well. Under each lesson plan, I have listed the MoStep standards along with National standards because I currently reside in the city of St. Louis and these are the requirements of my state. I have sometimes added to the lesson templates the category, "integration" to describe the subjects blended with the fine arts instruction.

Art Lesson Plans Grades (6th-12th)
  1. Greek/Roman Pottery Design (drawing)  
  2. Effigy Pots Lesson Plan (mache sculpture)
  3. Egyptian Jewelry Design (clay press mold )
  4. The Egyptian Scribe and His Equipment 
  5. Aztec Inspired Mask (mosiac technique with paper)
  6. "Cute But Not Too Innocent"(drawing)
  7. Scribble Portraits  (ball point pen drawing)
  8. Maori Designs (drawing/design)
  9. Two-Point Perspective, A Ghost Town (drafting/drawing)
  10. A Cultural Heritage Cubist Portrait (painting and drawing with oil pastels/colored pencils)
  11. Non-Objective Abstraction: Painting To Music  (painting and drawing with oil pastels)
  12. A Lesson in Realistic/Abstract Portraiture For a Blind Student 
  13. Limelight Logo (drawing/design) 
  14. African Masks Made From Recycled Materials: Cardboard 
  15. "Don't Pave Paradise!" (magazine collage) 
  16. "Portrait of A Survivor" (newspaper collage) 
  17. Diorama of Fashion Display Window 
  18. An Abstract/Realistic Portrait (may also be taught in 5th grade)
  19. "Song Cousins"
  20. Surreal Landscapes (magazine collage) 
  21. Graphic Graffiti
  22. The "Face Card" Paper Doll Challenge  
  23. The "Manga Creature" Art Doll Challenge
  24. Egyptian Funerary Design (drawing with a graph)
  25. Assemblage Art Made from Throwaways 
  26. Audubon's Legacy Lesson (integrated studies)
  27. Anatomical Portrait Study Lesson (integrated studies) 
  28. African Masks From Recycled Materials: Milk Jug Construction 
Art Lesson Plans Grades (k-5th)
  1. A Family Tree (drawing,graphing,collage)
  2. Family Traditions Wheel Graph (drawing,graphing)
  3. Cardboard Printing (printing with inks)
  4. Gustav Klimt Trees (drawing and painting)
  5. Bugs In A Jar (drawing with markers)
  6. "Wicked Deadly Red" (painting and drawing with oil pastels)
  7. "A Supreme Fly Catcher!" (drawing with crayons, scratch art)
  8. A Mosaic Mobile Home (working with seed and bean mosaics)
  9. Ceramic Pinch Pots With Animal Features (porcelain clay)
  10. Ceramic Coil Pots (porcelain clay)
  11. Ceramic Slab Masks (porcelain clay)
  12. Ceramic Animals (porcelain clay)
  13. Ceramic ClaySlab People (porcelain clay)
  14. Ceramic Drape Bowls (porcelain clay)
  15. Ceramic Cupcakes (porcelain clay)
  16. Ceramic Turtles (porcelain clay)
  17. Doodle Portrait (colored pencils or markers) 
  18. "Starry Night" It's Elementary! (collage, oil pastels, stickers, markers) 
  19. Making a "Galimoto" (recycling wire, newsprint, pipe cleaners etc...)
  20. Ceramic Pies "All American Berry Pie" (porcelain clay)
*All Standards Conform to and are sometimes written by  DESE, The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Links to Teaching Art Movements To K-12 Grade Students: Neo-Classicism * Romanticism * Realism * Symbolism * Impressionism * Post-Impressionism * Neo-impressionism * Cloisonnism * Synthetism * Art Nouveau * Fauvism * Cubism * Orphism * Futurism * Synchromism * Expressionism * Vorticism * De Stjl * Suprematism * Dadaism * Surriealism * Abstract Expressionism * Post-painterly abstraction * Color Field painting * Tachism * Lyrical Abstraction * Land art * Maximalism * Minimalism * Postminimalism * Geometric abstraction * Hard-Edge Painting * Neo-expressionism * Pop art * Photorealism * Conceptual Art * Neo-Geo * Superstroke * Superflat * Stuckism * Performance art * Street Art * (Definitions are by

Listings to Art Lessons and Art History About A Particular Artist: The following are the most popular artists taught in American Public Schools: Pablo Picasso * Andy Warhol * Jackson Pollock * M. C. Escher * Wayne Theibaud * Georgia O'Keeffe * Henri Matisse * Vincent Van GoghClaude Monet 

Important Art History Links.
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