Saturday, March 26, 2011

two-point perspective of a ghost town lesson plan

 (Teacher's sample demonstration drawing.)

Title: Ghost Town
Topic: two-point perspective, architectural elements
Goals and Objectives:
  • Students will be able to draw buildings in two point perspective.
  • Students will discern differences between basic architectural elements.
  • Students will identify positive and negative space within the context of an artwork.
STRAND II: Elements and Principles (EP)
1. Select and use elements of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork
G. Space: High School Level I
·      Identify and use positive and negative space in two-dimensional work
·      Identify and use perspective techniques to create the illusion of space (one-point linear perspective, overlapping, and change of size, detail, placement, value contrast)
STRAND II: Elements and Principles (EP)
2. Select and use principles of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork
F. Proportion: High School Level I
·      Identify and use realistic facial proportions
STRAND II: Elements and Principles (EP)
2. Select and use principles of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork
E. Unity: High School Level I
·      Explain how elements and principles create unity in artworks
Grade: 9th – 12th
Length of Class Period: 55 minutes
Frequency of Class Period: five days a week
Time Needed: five class periods
Facility & Equipment Requirements:
  • One computer lap top
  • Room with good lighting
  • Large tables, approximately ten, each seating four students
  • Two sinks
  • Dry erase board
  • Drying racks
  • Cabinets for storage
  • Projector for viewing computer video, CDs and DVDs
Resources Needed:
  • Power Point about ghost towns
  • Power Point about 2 point perspective
  • Two-Point Perspective worksheet.
Materials Per Student:
  • Nice white drawing paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Ruler
  • Newsprint
  1. Two-point perspective - A graphical technique in which a three-dimensional object is represented in two dimensions, and in which parallel lines in two of its dimensions are shown to converge towards two vanishing points
  2. Negative space - in a painting or sculpture, the areas where there are no objects
  3. Positive space - the primary subject matter in a work of art, as opposed to the background that is called the negative space.
  4. Ghost town – is an abandoned city.
Motivation- Looking and Talking Activity: Students will view a Power Point about Ghost Towns and take part in a classroom discussion about old western architecture building types.
Step-by-Step Studio Activity Specifics:
  1. Students will view and listen to the teacher’s Power Point presentation about ghost towns.
  2. Students will view the teacher demonstration about two-point perspective.
  3. Students will fill out a two-point perspective worksheet.
  4. Students will practice drawing out their ideas on newsprint first.
  5. Students will design and draw their own version of a ghost town.
  6. Students may include “ghost” drawings within their project as long as they have already drawn their buildings in correct two-point perspective.
  7. Students will color their drawing with colored pencils filling at least fifty percent of the drawing with color.
Health & Safety Concerns: There are no health and safety concerns for this project.
Cleanup Time & Strategy: Students will be instructed to put away art materials neatly in their containers, clean off their tables, and recycle their trash two minutes prior to dismissal.
Assessment: A formal assessment/grading rubric sheet is included along with this lesson plan.

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