Thursday, September 8, 2016

clip art of scissors

There is a pair of scissors here for children and one pair for adults so far.  Return to the index.
blunt nose scissors for a kindergarten classroom, transparent background
regular adult scissors for cutting, transparent background

vintage titles for school subjects

       Vintage teacher pointing to a school subjects (11) on her green chalkboard.   Return to the index.
Title for "Band"
Title for "Choir"
Title for "English"
Title for "Gym"
Title for "Health"
Title for "History"
Title for "Fine Art"
Title for "Geography"
Title for "Home Ec."
Title for "Math"
Title for "Science"

vintage clip art of graduates shaking hands

       These graduate silhouettes are of a male and female congratulating each other with a handshake. Both are holding vintage rolled diplomas and wear caps and gowns. The following also come in school colors.   Return to the index.
handshaking graduates in black
handshaking graduates in bright blue
handshaking graduates in brown
handshaking graduates in in plum
handshaking graduates in charcoal grey
handshaking graduates in emerald green
handshaking graduates in navy
handshaking graduates in burnt orange
handshaking graduates in violet
handshaking graduates in red

handshaking graduates in pine green
handshaking graduates in yellow
handshaking graduates in light blue
handshaking graduates in gold
handshaking graduates in pink

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

clip art of color combinations

       This simple clipart of combined colors may be used to quickly demonstrate or remind young students of what may be mixed together in order to achieve secondary, grey or brown colors.  Return to the index.
White and black combined make grey.
Yellow and red combined make orange.
Red and blue combined make violet.
Green and violet combined make brown.
Yellow and blue combined make green.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

vintage yearbook title pages: animals in black and white

       These title pages have been redrawn but were first designed for a yearbook from 1920. I will update them in school colors later.  Return to the index.

Seniors represented by wise old owl,
wearing a graduation cap and spectacles.
Juniors represented by the roaring lion.
Sophomores represented by a stubborn
 mule wearing a hat, smelling thistle.
 Text reads, "Pranks" and "Vanity."
Freshman represented by a goat wearing
 a beanie and a collar with
 a chain. Text reads "rules and regulations."

vintage clip art of binoculars

       I have restored two illustrations of binoculars, one of them a photo and the other a drawing, both are in black and white and both have transparent backgrounds. Return to the index.
old photo of binoculars, greyscale
prism binoculars

clip art of hole punches

Although this is vintage, these hole punches still look exactly like this one today; at least there still are some of these type still manufactured. Return to the index.
This hole punch is made of steal and I have also
 added a transparent background. greyscale
This black and white illustration shows two hands working a hole
punch up close. Illustrations like these are great to include in
step-by-step process worksheets or on a whiteboard for demonstrations.

Monday, September 5, 2016

vintage bird and birdhouse clip art

       Included on this post is a selection of bird houses and restored, color prints of birds. Back to index.
hanging bird house, greyscale, spindle trim, tree
branches, birds, transparent background
tiny sketch of a blue bird house and blue bird, black and white
robin, restored color illustration,
transparent background
Cardinal corn crib, winter feeding, roof,
shelter, transparent background
red male cardinal, tree branch,
transparent background
bark bird house, tree trunk,
nail, black and white clipart
restored vintage print of a goldfinch,
tree branch, transparent background

Sunday, September 4, 2016

artist palettes and paint boxes

Small watercolor palette with primary colors
 and two paint brushes in color.
       Both professional artists and students appreciate having a nice paint box to store expensive tools and mediums in. Included on this post is a selection of artist palettes and paint boxes for your holiday wish list or website. I've also included a very nice "title page" or bookplate for those of you who would like a color print including the same subject matter. Back to index.
A greyscale rendering of artist tools and wooden box.
Black and white line drawing of an artists palette and paint box.

Full color, restored by kathy grimm, print of: poppy oil jar,
burnt sienna oil paint in a tube, artists palette and sable brushes.