Sunday, December 19, 2010

games for art classrooms

      Above is a picture of some art cards that I made for my classroom. Teachers can easily collect images from free clipart resources to craft their own. I use this set to play a game similar to "Concentration."

My African Mask Card Deck depicts different indigenous people's art as black and white line drawings only. For this exercise, students are asked to sort their decks of cards according to the tribe of peoples they believe crafted the artifacts. The game requires focus and careful study of geometrical elements, symbols, and unique markings included on every card depicting an object. Below I have included the drawings and their eight tribal affiliations. Teachers read the Terms of Use for clipart here at my journal before downloading these drawings to craft a deck of your own.
  1. Papuan Clipart Gulf Artifacts
  2. Central Clipart Mexico Artifacts
  3. Nigeria Clipart Artifacts
  4. Kwakiuti Clipart Artifacts
  5. Senufo Clipart Artifacts
  6. Mali Clipart Artifacts
  7. Angola Clipart Artifacts
  8. Mende Clipart Artifacts

     I will keep a linking list below of board games and card games that are good to keep on hand for your art students should they finish projects early. These games all reinforce topics that are related to materials taught in the art class room.

Board Games and Card Games For Art Classrooms:

Fun Art Games For Kids Online: If your students are allowed to access these art games online, they will discover new and create ways to remember and understand art and art history with many of these web games.

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