Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Individualized Education Programs In Art

"Guide to Writing Quality Individualized 
Education Programs," by Gordon S. Gibb
 and Tina Taylor Dyches.
      Below I have listed the necessary links to agencies art teachers will need to visit often in order to maintain current resources for students, faculty and parents. Information found at these agencies is instrumentally important for the proper development of individualized education programs in art classrooms. I also recommend for art teachers, "Guide to Writing Quality Individualized Education Programs," by Gordon S. Gibb and Tina Taylor Dyches. This second edition published by Pearson, Allyn and Bacon may be used as a reference for the writing of IEPs in the art classroom. This page has been posted in 2010, so make sure to always ask and purchase the most current edition of this manual. This is very important when selecting literature about IEPs because the state and national mandates concerning special education can and do change over time. I will keep the links current under this post and add to them whenever I find links that I believe to be helpful to the topic. I will also keep quality religious links here as well for those of you who may be working for a parochial school. I believe that both our state and private educators can and should work together to improve education for all of the children in the state of Missouri.

State of Missouri Agencies For Children with Disabilities Links
Parent Training Organization Links In The Midwest
Important Service Links For The Blind in Missouri and Nation Wide
Special Libraries & Reading Services Links Nation Wide
Important Service Links For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing In Missouri
The Telecommunications Relay Services
(800) 735-2466 (V)
(800) 735-2966 (TTY); 711 (TTY)
(877) 735-7877 (Speech to Speech)

Important links to Autism Services in Missouri
Important links to Brain Injury Services in Missouri
Important links to Cerebral Palsy in Missouri
Important links to Spina Bifida in Missouri
Important links to Epilepsy in Missouri

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