Thursday, January 6, 2011

teacher samples for a drawing class

     I've included here a small selection of my own drawings that I pin up along with magazine ads for students to work from. Students in my drawing classes are encouraged to work from photos, artworks and real life. I am not a snob about teaching students "how" to draw. If they need extra help, I give it to them. Children do not need to conform to the fanatical disciplinary measures of teachers who can not bring themselves to work from photos or other artist renderings. Working from real life is a bit more difficult for young and inexperienced artists. So, I allow students to improve their skills gradually through the use of photography and I make no apologies for it. 

A sample of a child's hands drawn from life many years ago when my children were young.

A sample of adult hands I drew from a photograph last year.

A sample of an elderly woman's portrait drawn from a photograph when I was fifteen years old.

A sample drawing of a traditional exercise used in high school drawing curriculum. I made this sample two years ago.

A sample, in color, drawn from a photograph for a high school art lesson I wrote last year.

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