Monday, June 6, 2011

An Art Survey

Directions: Select the answer that you feel best represents you by underlining the options.

1. The music I like best to listen to while I am sitting in art class.
a.      Rock
b.      Classic
c.      Jazz/Blues
d.     Country
e.      Theater
f.       Rap
g.      Silence is Golden
h.     Other
2. The materials I feel most comfortable working with in an art assignment.
a.      Paper
b.      Clay
c.      Pens and Pencils
d.     Paint
e.      Fabrics
f.       All of the above
3. The materials I feel that I should learn to use in order to become a more proficient artist.
a.      Paper
b.      Clay
c.      Pens and Pencils
d.     Paint
e.      Fabrics
f.       All of  the above
4. The rules that annoy me the most at this school because I’m too old to be told how I should behave.
a.      Rules about using the restrooms
b.      Rules about where to eat food
c.      Rules about the technical devices in my backpack
d.     Rules about homework
e.      Rules about my behavior in general
f.       Rules do not bother me much, I’m cool
5. The most common reason I experience difficulty listening in class
a.      Other students are distracting me
b.      I did not get enough sleep last night
c.      I am hungry
d.     I am bored with the assigned work in the classroom
e.      I seldom have difficulty listening in class
6. What I like best about art class is
a.      I get to work with my hands
b.      I don’t have as much assigned homework
c.      I don’t need to study for a final
d.     I like to pick on people when the teacher is distracted
e.      Creative projects are the best
7. What I would like to see change in the art class
a.      Assigned seating
b.      Project assignments
c.      Students’ motivation
d.     Topics of discussion
e.      People’s attitudes in general
8. What I would like to see remain the same in art class
a.      My teacher’s expectations of me
b.      That good old relaxed environment
c.      Working with the same traditional materials
d.     Assigned seating
e.      Traditional art projects
9. More art projects that have to do with:
a.      Science
b.      Communications/History/Politics
c.      Art History
d.     Religion/Spirituality
e.      Music
f.       Methods of working with materials
g.      Design
10. What I really can’t stand about art assignments is:
a.      I find it difficult to make something look the way I want it to
b.      Art teachers always seem to control what I am doing
c.      My friends are unrealistic in their expectations of my work
d.     The art teacher usually ignores what I think
e.      The assignments are too old-fashioned
11. The kind of art I like to look at best is:
a.      Films and Theater
b.      Cartooning/Animation
c.      Fashion
d.     Traditional Drawings, Painting, and Sculpture

Short Answer.

12.  If I were the richest person on earth and could afford any piece of art, what would I purchase?

13. If I could become a truly successful artist, what would I focus on in my work the most?

14. What is the one thing about art that you secretly believe but have difficulty admitting to when your friends or teachers are in your space?

15. Is beauty an important attribute in art? Explain your answer.

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