Saturday, September 24, 2011

Assemble an embroidered bouquet wrap

You may wish to hang this bouquet
by a vintage dressing table.
Brief Description: I think this is a lovely way to give a simple bouquet of flowers. Baby's breath and red roses would look delightful tucked inside of this embroidered wrap. I used tissue paper flowers for the photograph because these were what I had at hand. Make something new out of something old. 

Supply List:
  • embroidered pot holder
  • embroidery floss, I used red
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors
  1. Turn the pot holder face down and fold together two of it's opposite points to create the cone shape. Pin down the sides if necessary.
  2. Thread your embroidery needle as thickly as you wish and stitch these two side together with a firm decorative stitch. 
  3. Stuff the cone shaped wrap with a posy and give it to your sweetheart or friend.
Additional Suggestions: For those of you who still celebrate May Day, this little project would be quiet charming. There are so many of these little embroidered pot holders for sale in antique malls and flee markets for mere pocket change.
The cone shape allows for a charming little
package for rose buds and baby's breath.
An old-fashioned pot holder I picked up in a local antique shop.
All patterns and photographs by Grimm copyrighted 2011.

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