Saturday, September 17, 2011

assemble a half mask for a masquerade

A close view of the half mask.
Brief Description: I made this mask for my younger teen one year for a party. These kinds of half masks are very easy to assemble if you've got a glue gun.

Supply List:
  • one prefabricated half mask
  • two small bags of silk flowers
  • one prefabricated glittery peacock
  • approx. five yards of satin ribbon
  • two yards of contrasting ribbon
  • one long sturdy dowel rod measuring approximately 15 inches
  1.  Wrap approximately two yards of the larger quantity of satin ribbon around the dowel rod. Apply very tiny drops of hot glue to the back side of the dowel rod as you wrap.
  2.  Hot glue a small portion of the larger quantity of satin ribbon around the half mask.
  3.  Hot glue into a pleasing arrangement, the tiny silk flowers.
  4.  Hot glue the glittery peacock onto the right side of the mask if the lady is right handed, to the left if the lady is left handed.
  5.  Hot glue the dowel rod to the back side of the half mask so that the top of the dowel rod does not show above the mask.
  6.  Hot glue the remaining ribbons to the back side of the dowel
Additional Suggestions: Work as neatly as you can: the aesthetic appeal of such a project depends upon the careful attachment of the elements.

The full length view of our masquerade mask.
photographs and written craft pages copyrighted by Grimm 2017

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