Saturday, September 17, 2011

decoupage a postage stamp vase

Two glass bottle decoupaged
with old stamps.

Brief Description: This is a perfect project for used postage stamps. As long as these are not valuable, why not use them to decoupage a vase or two? These little vases display nicely on top of a bookcase or antique wooden desk.

Supply List:
  • many handfuls of used postage stamps
  • a small, clean and dry glass bottle
  • Mod Podge glossy or mat
  • twine for bottle lip (optional)
  • old paint brush
  • wood glue
  1. Wash and dry the glass bottle
  2. Cover a small area with Mod Podge using an old paint brush
  3. Layer stamps randomly on top of the glue.
  4. Paint another layer of glue on top of those same stamps and cover a new area and then repeat the same step
  5.  After the glue dries, glue on a felt bottom to prevent scratches on furniture. Use wood glue to add this felt.
Additional Suggestions: Mod Podge dries very clear so do not become concerned about how the end product will look.
Glue on a felt bottom with the wood glue only. Clip the
edges after the felt dries to give it a cleaner appearance.
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