Saturday, September 24, 2011

halloween silhouettes for paper treat bags

Brief Description: Decorate candy treat bags with simple silhouettes of a cat, bat, rat and hat.

Supply List:
  • black construction paper
  • yellow and black markers
  • scissors
  • prefabricated treat bags (I choose orange)
  • white glue
  • templates
  • white led or wax pencil
  • contrasting tissue or cellophane
  • candy treats
  1. Print and cut out the silhouette templates.
  2. Trace around these with a white led or wax pencil.
  3. Cut out and paste these to the treat bags.
  4. Fill with tissue or cellophane along with candy treats.
Black bat graphic by Kathy Grimm
All of these templates may be downloaded and sized in a
word document to fit the above measurements.
Read the Terms of Use before using it folks.

Black hat graphic by Kathy Grimm

Black rat graphic by Kathy Grimm

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