Friday, September 23, 2011

cut sucker sleeves from outer space!

A rocket sucker sleeve decorated with
shiny foil paper and stuffed
with a lemon flavored sucker.
Brief Description: Sucker sleeves "dress up" party favors for classroom parties. When I was very young, if you received a valentine with a sucker attached to it, you were considered a great friend. Not every package of student valentines included more than just a few sucker sleeves with a bonus treat.

Supply List:
  • a variety of construction paper
  • tin foils or other alternative shiny papers
  • white glue
  • black permanent ink marker, thin tipped
  • scissors
  • sucker sleeve templates
  • stapler
  • suckers, of course
  1. Cut out the templates and trace around these on top of the construction papers.
  2. Cut out and glue together the patterns according to your own tastes. You may choose to use tin foils for the spaceships as well.
  3. Use permanent black markers to draw on top of the tin foil. This will keep the ink from rubbing off onto clothing and table surfaces. This ink does bleed, however, so remember to keep your work surfaces padded with old newspapers.
  4. Glue around the edges of your front template and then adhere the back template into place. Let this glue dry before stuffing the sucker sleeve with a piece of candy.
  5. After stuffing the candy sleeve, you may need to add a few staples to keep the sucker from falling out of it's wrapper.
Additional Suggestions: Teachers and/or camp crafters may elect not to cut and paste these candy wrappers with fancy papers. Small ones would probably be just as happy to color in the templates with colored markers or crayons.
The back side of our rocket sucker sleeve.
Teachers may choose to give students some
shiny tin foil to craft a more realistic
spaceship or rocket!
A sample of a submarine sucker sleeve
colored with a bright yellow marker and
stuffed with a sour cherry sucker
The rocket ship sucker sleeve template.
The submarine sucker sleeve template.
The spaceship sucker sleeve template.
This template may be downloaded and sized in a
word document to fit the above measurements.
Read the Terms of Use before using it folks.

All patterns and photographs by Grimm copyrighted 2011.

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