Friday, September 16, 2011

the golden rules of teaching according to peanuts!

The Peanuts gang by Charles M. Schulz. Top row: Woodstock, Snoopy, and
Charlie Brown Bottom row: Franklin, Lucy van Pelt,
Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Patty and Sally Brown
"Thoughts and Golden Rules on Education"
was found at a St. Louis Book Fair by my sister-in-law.
We couldn't bear the thought of seeing it tossed out!
It was apparently made for a very special principle, "Miss Hays."
Rule Number 1 - Don't Lose Your Cool.
Rule Number 2 - Answer every question no matter how strange,
inappropriate, or ridiculously stupid.
Rule Number 3 - Don't smile until after Christmas break.
Rule Number 4 - Encourage harmless fantasy
and creative goals.
Rule Number 5 - Recognize student accomplishments!
Rule Number 6 - Volunteer and expect the worst.
Then repeat the scenario frequently.
Rule Number 7 - Tell the student what to do by suggesting it
and then look surprised when he or she doesn't conform.
Rule Number 8 - Be prepared to reinvent yourself now and again.
Rule Number 9 - It's alright to get a bit excited
about the end of the school year.
Rule Number 9 - again
Rule Number 10 - Treat everybody the same,
even though their not,
the same that is.
Rule Number 11 - Establish your authority early in the game,
I mean school year.
Rule Number 12 - Education is always number one priority,
although education about life sometimes gets in the way.
Rule Number 13 - Educators know more about
meetings than CEOs do.
Rule Number 14 - Sometimes it is better to just "sleep it off."
Rule Number 15 - The joys of life should always be
remembered with great nostalgic affection.
Rule Number 16 - This rule is often forgotten.
What was that rule again?
Rule Number 16 - Oh, yeah,
never forget to butter both sides of your toast,
oh, I mean bread.
Rule Number 17 - Teachers and administrators should be best friends.
Rule Number 18 - Saturday is the principle's day off!
Rule Number 19 - Secretaries rule, the rest of us drool.
Rule Number 20 - Principals should answer all questions.
Rule Number 21 - Teachers get fired if they don't know everything.
Rule Number 22 - Integrity, tenacity, accuracy always.
Rule Number 23 - A happy administrator,
makes for happy holidays.
Rule Number 24 - Learners inherit the Earth,
even when you least expect it.
Rule Number 25 - Always at all times
and in all places

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