Wednesday, September 21, 2011

short quiz for abstract/realistic portrait

The following quiz is a formal assessment of the Abstract/Realistic Portrait Lesson Plan
True or False. A selection of color pictures for students to refer to is provided for this quiz.
  1. There are a total of five abstract portraits on the sample sheet? (1pt.) (true)
  2. In a profile portrait, the artist includes a nose, a mouth, and two eyes. (1pt.) (false)
  3. All abstract portraits depict the subject from a frontal view. (1pt.) (false)
  4. Another word for realistic in artistic circles is representational? (1pt.) (true)
  5. A realistic portrait represents a person as he appears in real life. (1pt.) (true)
  6.  A sculpture of a person can be considered a portrait. (1pt.) (true)
  7.  Color may be used to describe both an abstract portrait and a realistic portrait. (1pt.) (true)
  8.  In order to paint an abstract portrait, an artist must strategically simplify the original information associated with the appearance of the person he is painting. (1pt.) (true)
  9. A patriot is the person who pays an artist to produce a portrait. (1pt.) (false)
Short Answer.
  1. Which one of these portraits is a profile? (1pt.) Picture number three.
  2. Which one of these portraits is representational? (1pt.) Picture number three.
  3. Which portrait do you like best? Why? (2pts.) Any answer will do. The student must explain the "why" of their choice.
  4. What kinds of simplified strategy did these artists use? (3pts.) lines, shapes, and colors
  5. Which portrait is the most simple or which painting has the least amount of information? (1pt.) Picture number two.
  6. Which abstract portrait is most like a representational portrait and why? (3pts.) Picture number six is most like a representational portrait, why? Students may give two of the three following answers; the colors of the paint describes naturalistic color combinations, the multiple strokes shape the face realistically, or three-dimensional space is represented on a two dimensional surface.
Create a mind map on the back of this quiz sheet that is representative of our art assignment. Use words and ideas to represent two types of portraits, representational and abstract. Diagram the knowledge that we have discussed in class. Include at least five characteristics of each type of portrait. (10pts.)

The following jpgs. go along with the short quiz and would normally be projected or posted in the classroom during the quiz.
Grading Rubric for Abstract/Representational Portrait Project
____Your name and grade clearly written on the back of your art assignment. (5 pts.)
____Bring a magazine ad or a photograph of a person to class for this project I am looking for a frontal view and it would be best for you to use a large portrait that fills a 81/2 by 11inch space completely. Divide the head in half and staple the two half’s to the top of the artwork after the project is completed. There is an example of this available in class. (5 pts.)
____Students must demonstrate the use of two mediums. It doesn’t matter which two that you choose. Make sure that you choose a medium that can be kept clean. (5 pts.)
____Two Distinctly different approaches to a portrait must be drawn on one sheet of paper. Both a representational interpretation and an abstract interpretation of the same person must be included in the project. (10 pts.)
____A color version earns you more points. (10 pts.)
____Articulation of the media is very important. These points are attributed to how well you have developed your technique. (25 pts.)
____The project should be neat and clean. (5 pts.)
____Please hand in the project on time! (5pts.)

70 pts. are possible for the Art Project. Your total number of pts. are ___ /___
30pts. are possible for the Quiz. Your total number of pts. are ___/___
All lesson plans and photographs are copyrighted by Grimm 2011 

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