Saturday, October 15, 2011

glue together a birch bark birdfeeder

My birch bark bird feeder
Brief Description: This bird feeder is easy to make because you start with a prefabricated wooden bird feeder. I made it many years ago while camping at Arcadia. I collected the bark from a peeling birch tree in the woods and glued it to the bird feeder.

Supply List:
 * prefabricated wooden bird feeder
 * wood glue
 * small stones, about 30
 * large rubber bands or twine
 * hot glue and hot glue gun

   1. Make sure the surface of the wooden bird feeder is clean before your begin.
   2. Glue strips of birch bark to every surface area of the feeder excluding the "floor" of the feeder.
   3. You may need to wrap twin or rubber bands around the exterior of the feeder to help keep the bark from sliding off while the wood glue dries.
   4. After the bark is dry, hot glue the stones onto the floor of the bird feeder with a hot glue gun.

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