Saturday, October 15, 2011

upcycle a candy box into a valentine scrapbook

Above is the recycled chocolate box lid
with fancy "LOVE" lettering.
Brief Description: This heart shaped scrapbook comes with it's very own box container. It is a perfect place to keep love letters, photos, and Valentines, of course.

Supply List:
 * Heart shaped chocolates box (recycled)
 * Decorative scrap letters
 * Decorative wrapping paper, enough to cover the box and also cut out a front cover page for the scrapbook
 * Two large binding rings.
 * A stack of solid colored paper, large enough to cut custom shaped pages for your scrapbook
 * White Glue
 * Scissors
 * Hole punch

   1. Clean out the recycled chocolate box thoroughly before beginning the project.
   2. Lay out the lid of your box top on top of the wrapping paper and draw around the heart shape. If you wish to cover the edges as well, I suggest you do so with a long narrow strip of paper matching the dimensions of the sides of the box. This will make your box look cleaner and more professional. The box pictured in the photo above had velvet trim and I chose to leave this intact.
   3. You will need to repeat the same step for the back side of the box.
   4. Glue the wrapping paper on the edges only to the box. Use a very narrow line of glue. Some of you may choose to use a spray adhesive for this project, but, white glue is just fine for young children.
   5.The lettering in my sample project was purchased at a Hobby Lobby. All I had to do was peal and stick it directly onto my lid. You may wish to visit some font collections on the web instead and print some illuminated letters on your home computer instead.
   6. After decorating your recycled chocolate box, cut a stack of pages just 1/4 inch smaller than the lid so that these will fit neatly into your heart shaped container.
   7. Punch holes into the stack of pages and clip these together with a couple of red binding rings. 

Above is the heart shaped scrapbook and the 
bottom of the box it fits into. It is advisable to cut
a few additional pages that may be added later.
All photos and descriptions copyrighted by Grimm 2017

Really neat Valentine scrapbook by Juhi K.

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