Saturday, October 15, 2011

just a few music suggestions for any art classroom

      Opera, you must be joking right? No, I’m not kidding. Josh Groban & Charlotte Church 
are excellent soloists for young people. Not only because they are young 
themselves but also because they sing many opera selections with a contemporary twist. 
Introducing students to opera is not easy but with the right artists,
students can learn to appreciate old world performances!
Introduce students to an authentic taste of old Ireland by playing classic tunes
by The Chieftains. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band will treat 
students to a bit of authentic New Orleans history.
Putumayo World Music publishes “Gypsy Caravan’’ and many 
other ethnic selections from all over the globe.
Rosemary Clooney is perfect for very young students to listen too. 
She sings absolutely charming music for little ones to listen 
to while they work and adults enjoy listening to her as well. 
Some music recorded for children is unbearable for adults to play 
but Rosemary can be tolerated anytime. I love her versions of
“Aren’t You Glad You’re You?,” and “Too Marvelous For Words.” 
I’ll take her over Barney any day folks.
Most selections by Michael Buble’ are appropriate for the classroom. 
He sings many old swing tunes that all students   
both young and old enjoy him. He is “Mr. Feel Good.”
Young teens love popular music sound tracks and these certainly
have cleaner lyrics for the classroom.
Disney soundtracks are always favorites of little students. 
My favorites are Tarzan, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Lion King.
Music Selections For Parochial Schools
Two wonderful music collections from Dream Works 
Records are the soundtrack from “The Prince of Egypt” and “Joseph, King of Dreams.”
Selections from Africa include The Themba Girls with Erin Bode 
Group and the Soweto Gospel Choir. Both are very 
different and joyful. Children can barely keep from dancing 
                                    when they listen to these two CDs and I don’t stop them.                                                                         

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