Thursday, October 20, 2011

"lost inside this painting" icebreaker

      Divide your classroom up into small groups and give each of these small groups a photograph of a unique painting. Ask students to discuss, among their peers, what each person would do if they were to be "lost" inside of the painting. After ten minutes, have a large group discussion about each artwork. Give the students more information about the artist while sharing the ideas that were generated during their small group time. I've included below a few artwork suggestions for this icebreaker below.

Salvador Dali's "Les Montres Molles" 1968
"An experiment on a bird in an air pump" by painter Joseph Wright, 1768
"Mill Hand's Lunch Bucket" by Romare Bearden
 By Giorgio de Chirico
"The Sierra Divide" by Edgar Payne, died 1947.


  1. Hello Mrs. Grimm,

    My name is Andrea Couture, I am doing a program manual on Creative Arts as a project at Holland College. I would like to use this activity in the manual as one of the activities. Do you think that would be okay?


    Andrea Couture

  2. Certainly Mr. Couture, Just write about the idea in your own words. I wish you great success!

  3. Ms. Grimm,

    I work with afterschool programs for Milwaukee Public Schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We meet with our afterschool program staff bi-monthly, and I would love to use this activity as an icebreaker and encourage sites to try it with their students. Would you grant us permission to do so?


    Beth-marie Kurtz