Thursday, October 20, 2011

"lost inside this painting" icebreaker

      Divide your classroom up into small groups and give each of these small groups a photograph of a unique painting. Ask students to discuss, among their peers, what each person would do if they were to be "lost" inside of the painting. After ten minutes, have a large group discussion about each artwork. Give the students more information about the artist while sharing the ideas that were generated during their small group time. I've included below a few artwork suggestions for this icebreaker below.

Salvador Dali's "Les Montres Molles" 1968
"An experiment on a bird in an air pump" by painter Joseph Wright, 1768
"Mill Hand's Lunch Bucket" by Romare Bearden
 By Giorgio de Chirico
"The Sierra Divide" by Edgar Payne, died 1947.