Friday, October 21, 2011

the never have i

       Give every member of a small group ten objects. These objects could be paperclips, pencils, crayons etc... Place a large paper bag in the center of the group. During this game, one student is selected from a circle of friends to speak aloud random activities and events. These activities and or events may be normal or ridiculous. Each person sitting around the circle must admit truthfully to having done or seen the particular event read aloud and then toss one object into the paper bag. The object of the game is to keep as many of the ten possessions as possible without lying. Other team members may tattle on their peers and offer up proof of their participation in an event or proof of the persons observation of a person, place or thing if they wish. The narrator who is listing the events or actions must try to list those things in which he is certain some of his peers have done or seen but also to list things that only a few people are most likely to have experienced. The person who stays in the game longest and who has the most objects wins. Below are just a few examples of statements that could be read aloud during the game. The teacher may decide to play the first round of the game as the narrator so that the students will better understand how it should be played.
  • Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster.
  • Never have I ever searched for a missing dog.
  • Never have I ever flown in outer space.
  • Never have I ever visited the Grand Canyon.
  • Never have I ever watched a scary movie on the television.
  • Never have I ever shared my french fries with a gold fish.
  • Never have I ever turned my homework in late.
  • Never have I ever drawn on the wall with a purple crayon.
  • Never have I ever made an A on a test.
  • Never have I ever showered with my cloths on.
  • Never have I ever kissed my sister on her forehead.
  • Never have I ever eaten oysters raw.
  • Never have I ever stapled papers together
  • Never have I ever worn pretend butterfly wings.
  • Never have I ever asked my mother for a dollar.

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