Thursday, October 20, 2011

"sort of fun" icebreaker game

      "Sort of Fun" children shift back and forth across the room in accordance to their preferences. This icebreaker gives them ample time to talk to one another and communicate what they share in common. The teacher calls out two ideas, things, places etc... and the students stand either to the left end or right end of the classroom according to their preferences. For example, the teacher may point to the left end of the room and say, "If you prefer to eat popcorn at the movies stand in to the left of my desk," and then she would point to the right side of the room and say something like; "If you prefer to eat chocolate candy bars at the movies stand to the right of my desk," and so on. This game includes all students in the room, there are no right or wrong answers to worry about and students learn new information about their peers. Teachers may even have third or fourth categories as the game progresses. Listed below are just few suggestions for the teacher to call out in order to get the game started.

you have brothers vs. sisters vs. brothers and sisters vs. no other siblings
you live in a house vs. apartment vs. a campsite
you prefer to snack on carrots and celery vs. pretzels vs. candy
your friends like to play basketball vs. video games
your favorite subject in school is art vs. gym vs. lunch vs. recess vs. math vs. reading

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