Saturday, May 18, 2013

learn about the piu piu project

"The Piu Piu or "dancing skirt" are Maori Textiles worn at traditional Maori religious and cultural events like Kapa Haka and Matariki. They are worn by both men and women and have been used in Maori life for hundreds of years.

This amazing Piu Piu maker, Weaver, and Artisan featured in the film is Leilani Rickard. She is one of the few Maori weavers left who has the knowledge and skill to make the Piu Piu in the ancient and traditional ways with raw materials like the Harakeke plant, swamp mud dyes, and geothermal processes only found in New Zealand. She is a true Maori Artisan."

NOTE: This Documentary Short Subject was made entirely with CLoMoSo technology including an HTC EVO 3D Cell Phone and an Apple MacBook Air Laptop.

Piu Piu Artist: Leilani Rickard
Piu Piu Assistant: Christopher Grant
Produced and Directed by James Obenshain, The CLoMoSo Organization

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