Wednesday, January 29, 2014

“true vision, authentic art journaling” by l. k. ludwig

cover of "True Vision, Authentic Art Journaling"
      I purchased “True Vision, Authentic Art Journaling,” by L. K. Ludwig to use in my art classrooms. It is full of project ideas, journal prompts and  techniques that high school art teachers will find very useful. She writes about many inspirational artists. I will link to a few of their studios below for those of you who would like to expand their research in the development of lesson plans. Ludwig’s book does most of the work for art educators who need lesson plans about art journaling. She explains the hows and whys of art journaling in a very informative and entertaining way. I have many books about the “book arts” in my personal library but this is the one that I would recommend to my fellow art teachers.

Artists Known for Art Journaling:
  1. L. K. Ludwig’s “The Poetic Eye.
  2. Joe Ludwig
  3. Katie Kendrick “Joyously Becoming
  4. Brenda Beene Shakleford “between assignments
  5. Bridgette Guerzon Mills “bridgette g mills
  6. Liz Lamoreux “be present, be here
  7. Carol Parks “
  8. Corey Moortgat’s blog “Corey Moortgat – Collage Artist
  9. Juliana Coles “Me and Pete
  10. Karen Michel “Mixed Media Art & Musings
  11. Tricia Scott “Tricia Scott
  12. Amy Hanna “Amy Hanna
  13. Melanie Sage at Pinterest
  14. Sarah Fishburn “Sarah Fishburn
  15. Melanie Komisarski
  16. Elizabeth Bunsen “Be…Dream…Play…
  17. Nikki Blackwood “Moon Pie Daze
  18. Loretta Marvel “pomegranatesandpaper
  19. Kelly Rae Robert’s “Kelly Rae Roberts
  20. Sandra Hardee
  21. Carla Sonheim “Snowball Journals
  22. Leighanna Light “LeiGHaNNa LiGhT ThingG MaKEr
  23. Traci Bunker “Welcome to My World
  24. Tina Abbott
  25. Syd McCutcheon “Sheep floozy
  26. Lyn Huskamp “The Red Door Studio
  27. Bee Shay “Heart 2 Hand
  28. Ruth Fiege “Sk3tchbook!
  29. Mary Anne Moss “two dresses studio
  30. Shirley Ende-Saxe “In the Name of Art
  31. Michelle Remy “Lost Coast Post
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