Friday, January 31, 2014

upcycling pre-teen trash

Every spring my daughters and I collect from their closets clothing and other items that they have either
outgrown or no longer need

These items are then donated to charity.

However, given the fact that I am very sentimental about my children, it often makes me sad to see them
throw away those things that I have associated fond childhood memories with. Of course, you can
not keep everything.

This sample banner, I think, helps me to demonstrate just how my students may use some of the old
garments and novelty toys they might label as “toss offs.”

This image of a young teen is from a marvelous book. I will find it in my bookcase
sometime today and link to the author/artist here.

Students may even include text in their samplers; here I have used a permanent ink
marker to write a story directly onto the fabric.

Here I have demonstrated that students don’t need to follow stricter rules used by quilters when they are thinking
 about their designs. I’ve used both the reverse and the front of this fabric within the same design.

The batting here is used as though it were fabric and some of the edges of fabric are
left raw and frayed. Small plastic toys from my children’s old toy bins are also
 sandwiched between layers of material.

Even a silk flower from one of my younger child’s old costumes finds it’s way into the mix!

Finally, I have backed my textile sample with fabric from a skirt once worn by my youngest.
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