Wednesday, April 5, 2017

glue together a shell mosaic box

I chose to make this box to hold a gift of pens and brushes for one of my adult children this year.
Brief Description: Although this craft is simple in its application, the design work used in such a project may be very complex. The key here is to work slow if you should choose to use a cardboard box to decorate instead of a wooden one. Otherwise, the walls of the box could warp while your work is drying. 

Supply List:
  • wood glue
  • a bag of tiny stones
  • shells
  • a sturdy box with a lid 
  1. Lay out your mosaic supplies and determine the pattern that you would like to use in the creation of your decorative gift box.
  2. I chose to arrange these tiny shells in a simple floral design. I used wood glue to adhere the shells first to the surface of my box lid. Then I let this dry overnight.
  3. Then I carefully applied the wood glue to small areas of the lid and covered these with my tiny stones. These areas were approximately two inches in diameter. Let each area dry completely before proceeding to the next application of stones. Again, this will help prevent the surface of your lid from warping.
A few close shots of the surface of my gift box: left, is a side view, right, a top view of the floral shell pattern.
Watch a CraftKlatch sea shell coaster craft.
See also the stone resin coaster by the same crafter.

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