Craft Projects

Just a few sample projects from this file. Left, the birch bark birdfeeder. Next, the miniature decoupage bottle. Next the papier-mâché pizzas. Far Right, a decoupage seed/bean abstract mosaic.
      My craft resource does not include projects accompanied with lesson plans. Only brief descriptions, supply list and directions are discussed along with the photographs. I believe that elementary art educators and homeroom teachers find the use of crafts helpful to the development of both small motor skills and self confidence in their students. For this reason, I will include some craft ideas and helpful links under this category that may prove beneficial.
  1. Cut and paste halloween sucker sleeves
  2. String a few dangling nut head people
  3. Glue together a birch bark birdfeeder
  4. Upcycle a candy box into a valentine scrapbook
  5. Decoupage a seed and bean abstract mosaic
  6. String a necklace made from seeds
  7. Craft a mosaic tea tray
  8. Sculpt Peruvian peasant and llama ornaments
  9. Decoupage a valentine post box
  10. Make a miniature decoupage bottle
  11. Craft a walnut strawberry
  12. Assemble a mosaic birdhouse
  13. Craft a vintage envelope tag book
  14. Sculpt a few tacos with papier-mâché
  15. Sew ethnic inspired wool pillow
  16. Children can sew this miniature penny rug
  17. Stitch some felt coasters to protect your furniture
  18. Assemble an embroidered bouquet wrap
  19. Halloween silhouettes for paper treat bags
  20. Cut sucker sleeves from outer space!
  21. Cut and paste treasure chest candy wrapper
  22. Decoupage a purple crayon themed frame
  23. Upcylcle your old sweater into a throw pillow
  24. Wrap and tie a prairie yarn doll 
  25. Handcraft your own artisan pizza
  26. Bend a pipe cleaner puppy
  27. Paint a shaker box
  28. Applique a pillow with wool hearts
  29. Mosaic an angel
  30. Children love to paint rock pets
  31. Craft a pincushion from a walnut
  32. Assemble a half mask for a masquerade
  33. Decoupage a postage stamp vase
  34. Wrap a bottle to create an interesting vase
  35. Cut a construction paper frame
  36. Working with recycled materials 
  37. Shape a dozen papier-mache doughnuts 
  38. Glue together a shell mosaic box
  39. Apply a faux metal finish to an egg 
  40. Weave the ojo de dios
  41. Cover a letter box with postage stamps      
  42. Construct a cardboard box loom for a child
  43. Craft papier-mâché puzzle cones
 All craft projects and photographs are the copyrighted property of kathy grimm 2018.

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