Saturday, September 17, 2011

wrap a bottle to create an interesting vase

Close up view of the surface of my vase.
Different textured yarns lend unusual interest to the project.

Brief Description: This project takes patience but the end results are definitely groovy! It is also a good way to use up old yarns that have been tossed around in storage forever.

Supply List:
  • lots of yarn of any size, shape or color
  • white glue
  • old discarded plastic bottles
  • scissors
  1. Start by adding a generous bead of glue to the base of a washed and dried plastic bottle.
  2. Wrap the first layer of yarn on top of this bead of glue.
  3. Then add a second layer of glue and continue wrapping yarn on top of the glue. 
Additional Suggestions: The key to getting excellent results in this project is patience! The first two rows of yarn will seem slippery but, once the glue becomes tacky, the rest of the following rows will apply easily. Don't forget to add a felt bottom to your bottle's vase to prevent scratching the surface of tables.
A finished yarn wrapped vase.
photographs and written craft pages copyrighted by Grimm 2017

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