Monday, March 5, 2018

african masks from recycled materials: milk jug construction

Title: African Masks From Recycled Materials: Milk Jug Construction
Topic: recycling, African culture
Goals and Objectives:
  • Students will make three-dimensional masks representing elements and principles of design used by African indigenous cultures.
  • Students will use recycled materials to construct an original mask.
  • Students will conduct research in the library or computer lab.
STRAND I: Product/Performance
3. Communicate ideas about subject matter and themes in artworks created for various purposes
A. High School Level I
·      Create original artworks using non-objective, architecture and anatomy subject matters.
STRAND IV: Interdisciplinary Connections (IC)
1. Explain connections between visual art and performing arts
A. High School Level I
·      Connect meanings of elements in art with terms in music, theatre, or dance
STRAND III: Artistic Perceptions (AP)
2. Analyze and evaluate art using art vocabulary
A. Art Criticism: High School Level I: With one artwork:
  • describe artwork;
  • analyze the use of elements and principles in the work;
  • Interpret the meaning of the work (subject, theme, symbolism, message communicated);
  • Judge the work from various perspectives:
  • Showing a real or idealized image of life (Imitationalism)
  • Expressing feelings (Emotionalism/ Expressionism)
  • Emphasis on elements and principles (Formalism)
  • Serving a purpose in the society or culture (Functionalism)
STRAND II: Elements and Principles (EP)
2. Select and use principles of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork
E. Unity: High School Level I
·      Explain how elements and principles create unity in artworks
STRAND II: Elements and Principles (EP)
2. Select and use principles of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork
F. Proportion: High School Level I
·      Identify and use realistic facial proportions
STRAND II: Elements and Principles (EP)
2. Select and use principles of art for their effect in communicating ideas through artwork
B. Emphasis: High School Level I
·      Identify and create emphasis (focal point) through contrast and convergence
Grade: 9th – 12th
Length of Class Period: 55 minutes
Frequency of Class Period: five days a week
Time Needed: six class periods
Facility & Equipment Requirements:
  • One computer lap top
  • Room with good lighting
  • Large tables, approximately ten, each seating four students
  • Two sinks
  • Dry erase board
  • Drying racks
  •  Cabinets for storage
  • Projector for viewing computer video, CDs and DVDs
Materials Per Student:
  • empty clean milk jug
  • sharp scissors
  • masking tape
  • newsprint
  • white school glue
  • paint
  • Indigenous - are ethnic groups that are defined as indigenous according to one of the various definitions of the term, there is no universally accepted definition but most of which carry connotations of being the "original inhabitants" of a territory.
  • Tribe - A tribe, viewed historically or developmentally, consists of a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states.
  • Mask - a protective covering worn over the face
  • Culture - the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group
Health & Safety Concerns: There are no health and safety concerns for this project.
Cleanup Time & Strategy: Students will be instructed to put away art materials neatly in their containers, clean off their tables, and recycle their trash two minutes prior to dismissal.
Assessment: A formal assessment/grading rubric sheet from your specific high school should be filled out per student.

all articles and lesson plans are copyrighted 2018 by Grimm

High School age students work on their own mask designs.


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