Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Celebrations Bulletin Boards

A Pumpkin Patch bulletin board
"Purr-fectly Wonderful Cat Tales!"
"It's Owl-oween!"
"It's Owl-oween," up-close.
"Haunted Helpers"
      Above are some marvelous ideas for fall bulletin boards that are sure to please, not frighten, little ones. My favorite is the pumpkin patch at the top. It's full of autumn colors; I can almost smell the cinnamon in the air and feel the crunching of leaves under my rake.
     The Purr-fectly Wonderful Cat Tales bulletin board is for children's essays. In this exercise, the students were assigned the task of writing a creative tall tale about a cat. It's Owl-oween displayed essays by children based on facts, not superstitions, about owls. Children learned the difference between what is true about these remarkable creatures and what is folklore. They also completed a fun art project with paper owls to go along with the unit. And the small "haunted helpers" bulletin board showed students which classroom duties they would be assigned that week. Each child would have a little ghost assigned to him with his name on it. If your ghost was seen behind the tombstone with a certain chore written on the front, then you where expected to take care of that duty.

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