Monday, October 10, 2011

classroom bulletin boards

Above is a picture of my mother in her former  3rd/4th grade combined classroom.
      A bright and cheerful classroom makes an exciting place for children to learn in. Every summer my mother would ponder over her resources and ideas for bulletin boards. She loved to decorate her classroom with the art projects her students created. Incorporating subjects such as book reports, history, scientific principles, and literature were always popular themes in her classroom, as well as the holidays. She frequently purchased books on the subject of decorating bulletin boards or checked them out from the local library. She believed that displaying children's work helped to build self-esteem and provided for them a stimulating environment for further education.
      I will be posting a few snapshots here that were taken of her classroom bulletin boards. She retired five years ago but we imagine that some of the resources she used are still circulating.

Photographs of bulletin boards from my mother's former elementary classroom:
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