Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards

Natives and Pilgrims are displayed on the bulletin board
A pilgrim girl with a very large turkey leg
A corner view of Thanksgiving bulletin boards.
A Mayflower corner
      My mother always used Thanksgiving time as an opportunity to teach her young students about the discovery of the new world and also about the lives and identities of Native Americans and Pilgrims. Students would often write stories about Thanksgiving themes or papers about American history. These would then become part of the bulletin board display.
      The migration of geese is a bit more unusual subject for autumn bulletin boards but it is nice to study a less traditional theme now and again during the holidays as well. Migration is an ordinary and noisy event here in the mid-west. As a child I would look forward to watching the gathering and flight patterns of giant flocks of birds, not just geese, during the Autumn season. Including reminders of these kinds of everyday changes in the environment of a child's education can help them to remember practical scientific information.

"Some Like It Hot!" a unit on migration

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