Monday, October 10, 2011

Bulletin Boards For Reading Corner

"Sneaking Up On a Good Book"
"Best Sneaker Forward!"
An apple orchard in the reading corner.
"Poppin' Good Study Habits!"
"Don't Monkey Around!"
      The first and top example of a "reading corner" or what may now be in most classrooms, "a computer corner," is a bulletin board that shows off students’ book reports. The second bulletin board is what most teachers refer to as a rewards chart. If a child completes a task promptly or obeys particular class rules well, he gets to tape a sneaker with his name on it, on the wall along with other fellow students. The "Poppin' good study habits" bulletin board is the same type of rewards bulletin board. Students who finish their projects on time are rewarded by inclusion with others, posted where everyone can see their good efforts. The "Don't monkey around!" bulletin board is a motivational bulletin board based on good study habits. Bananas are taped up on the wall when each child is recognized for excellent study habits. Last but not least, the apple orchard is a pleasant welcome for new students and invites children to relax and read a good book quietly when they have completed their studies.

More Ideas for Decorating Your Classroom Reading Corner:

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