Monday, October 10, 2011

Winter Subjects for Bulletin Boards

      Winter subjects are sometimes practical ways to resolve the problem of working for the state and balancing student sensitivities during religious holidays. Teachers frequently must find ways to entertain or instruct that will help all children to enjoy learning and participating in the classroom during the holiday season. For some of you reading here, this is not a problem because you are teaching in parochial schools. However, my mother taught in a public school, so many of her bulletin boards had to address topics that all of her students could relate to.
      The above bulletin board called, "winter safety" displayed a very large penguin with illustrated ideas that depict winter safety rules. The rules included in this bulletin board were: don't stand on your sled, don't skate on thin ice, dress warmly and don't throw snowballs. Although, I don't really know what else one should do with a snowball. Perhaps, Johnny got into a little trouble for "winter zeal" over his holiday?
      The next photograph of a bulletin board was of a winter theme called, "Cold Catch." This project was about short stories describing igloos, penguins and Eskimos. 

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