Monday, October 10, 2011

Easter Bulletin Boards

Children celebrating the coming of Spring with bunnies and cookies.
Write an egg-citing story
"Bunny Tales" bulletin board
"Announcing The Egg Factory"
The next set of photos above show young students celebrating Easter in their classroom. The essays were about bunny tales that the children made up. There is also ''an egg factory" depicted above that was located in the reading corner of her classroom. Children colored their own eggs for this display. It is good to design bulletin boards that give children the opportunity to participate actively in decorating their classroom. This reinforces their sense of ownership and accomplishment in their own education. Their learning spaces should look positive and fun by all means! If children want to decorate their eggs with shapes, colors or even religious symbols, teachers should let them express themselves freely. It is not up to the teacher to control every child's "way" of integrating their own faith or interests into art projects. A compassionate teacher merely provides the space and opportunity for the freedom of expression and learning in the arts. Public school teachers may be tempered by the state, but the children are certainly free to express their own religious beliefs. The government pays teachers with taxes that originate from people with many religious faiths and this is why teachers should be tolerant of the religious differences of their students. But students are free participants in public schools and operate under less restrictive policies. In my mother’s rural classroom, most all of the children came from some sort of Christian culture. In contrast to the classrooms of yesterday, essays and art assignments that make room for multiple perspectives on faith topics should be anticipated in contemporary, public school districts.

More ideas for Easter Bulletin Boards:

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