Thursday, October 20, 2011

mingle madness icebreaker game

      "Mingle Madness" is played a bit differently from "Sort of Fun" because the students are expected to participate more in the discussions. You might call this exercise an advanced form of "Sort of Fun." In this icebreaker exercise, the teacher calls out categories of discussion. These topics often include the kinds of interests that students might talk about during a party. In fact, the teacher may choose to circulate about the room with a tray or two of "appetizers and punch" during this icebreaker as well. As the teacher calls out the topics of discussion, he or she will point to the area of the class where these topics will be shared. The students will then move to that new location as the party progresses. It is up to the teacher to determine when topics become boring or "over discussed" and change them. There may be four or five topics being discussed at the same time. However, the rules should be observed to prevent straying from the purposes of the game. Rule #1. Once a student selects a topic of discussion, he or she must remain in that location until a new topics are called out. Rule #2. Students must also remain "on topic" for as long as there is more than one person present at the location. Rule #3. Students must also prove to be polite and sociable during this icebreaker event. I've listed some fun topics to begin your next Mingle Madness event.
  1. the last sporting event played at your school
  2. the greatest event of your life
  3. the person you admire the most
  4. the time period that you are thankful to have not been born in and why
  5. the greatest artist that has ever performed
  6. dumb dog stories
  7. touching moments with your true love
  8. I'm worried that my boss may fire me
  9. I can't believe we are talking about this during art class
  10. I can't believe he or she tweeted that...
  11. My parents just don't understand me
  12. how will you study for the next test in...
  13. who will win the next championship game?
  14. the people that I really like in this school are... and why
  15. staying out of trouble
  16. there isn't enough time in the day to...
  17. I would be afraid to be the last person to leave this place
  18. What will you wear here?
  19. the best camp trip ever
  20. our school play (theater)
  21. the best field trip ever
  22. when in Rome...
  23. what I hope to do this weekend
  24. I can't believe I saw this at the mall.
  25. expert opinions
  26. the latest facebook post
  27. have you seen this movie...

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