Friday, October 21, 2011

the photo scavenger hunt

      My teen daughters have played this "icebreaker" game many times during youth activities at our church. The game requires an adult to accompany each small group in order to drive the teens to particular locations. It is also a game that lasts two to three hours, if done off campus. Every team must have a digital camera to play it. The teacher or youth leader supplies each team with a long list of people, places, or things that they must photograph for points. The adults in the team may fully participate in the game as well and at least one team member should also be present in the majority of the photos. The team that returns to the beginning location on time, with the most photographed subjects on the list wins. Timing, practical choices, teamwork and fun are all important objectives of the game. Hopefully, students will learn to build lasting friendships and unique experiences with team members during the game. I've included two additional listings of captions for photograph that will help teachers adapt the game for different circumstances. 
  1. giant food
  2. justice will prevail
  3. friendly police officer
  4. evidence of a flood
  5. coffee, need we say more?
  6. not very smart
  7. rest stop
  8. food court in the mall
  9. peach pits again?
  10. keep brushing
  11. invented by Romans
  12. the best menu in town
  13. neon glow
  14. bad timing
  15. the thing is dedicated to...
  16. pealing plaster
  17. i found it inside the museum
  18. i think this was first built by Egyptians?
  19. gum in the parking lot, gum on my shoe
  20. bird feeder
  21. dedicated baby sitter
  22. the wrong side of the tracks
  23. a haunted house
  24. an interesting grave marker
  25. a room with a view
  26. one hot ride
  27. city hall 
  28. fountain
  29. graffiti 
  30. paved with bricks or cobblestones
  31. archway
The photo scavenger hunt on campus must be approved of by the school principle. Students must be trustworthy and careful to keep noise to a minimum while walking through halls where classes are still in session. After reviewing the results, teachers may decide to display the top three team photos in an exhibit.
  1. an unusual view of the school lockers
  2. deep knowledge of truth
  3. employees working in the cafeteria smile, when students aren't present
  4. secretaries rule, students drool
  5. an empty turf
  6. the haunted hall
  7. something suspicious
  8. sound mind and body
  9. my teacher wants texture . . . again?
  10. emphasis, lighting
  11. ladies man
  12. fever
  13. from below...
  14. school spirit
  15. a dedicated student
  16. just passing through or hall pass
The photo scavenger hunt in the classroom requires students to solve problems with limited space and it also challenges them to interpret photo suggestions creatively in order to take interesting pictures. Teachers and peers should reward creativity to the winners; the winners of this challenge may even be determined by a show of hands or the loudest applause.
  1. "seeing double" portrait
  2. textured and tacky
  3. random collection
  4. a bug's life
  5. as seen from above
  6. take a picture of me and you'll be sorry
  7. you'd have to be starving to eat this
  8. photos don't lie
  9. against school policy
  10. my perfect teacher
  11. o.k. this guy is...human?
  12. get me out of this place

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