Thursday, January 30, 2014

kilroy the cop in the attic!

There is no telling just “who” you may find hidden away in your attic!
The Inside of the Box top reads: An Invitation to Hours and Years of Enchantment! In this one little package is a whole new life-like world of fun.
      A TalenToy Puppet is a marionette that really seems to come to life, because of the careful assembly of parts manufactured from materials selected for their quality. The head, body, and limbs are made of hardwoods, with joints solidly pinned, stapled, or joined with eyelets. The clothing is made well, of sturdy, bright materials. The strings which support the puppet to life are strong and abrasion-resistant.
      A TalenToon phonograph record, with two sides of original TalenToon stories and tunes written specially for TalenToy Puppets.
      A complete and simple booklet of instructions for handling working TalenToy Puppets, with stories and lyrics of the shows on the TalenToon record made for each puppet.
This puppet belonged to my husband when he was a small boy.
The outside of the box top reads:
Hours of Enchantment. We little people bring to children from 6 to 60 a hobby with limitless possibilities for home entertainment and WE DEVELOP TALENT
We stimulate imagination. We create interest in rhythm in music and self expression. We develop finger dexterity and powers of coordination. Our phonograph record and a script that goes with it, make it easy to put on your first puppet show. After that, imagination and ingenuity take over! Any child over 6 can easily work us.
We puppets are wonderful little people.
Signed: Pim-Bo the Clown, Toonga from the Congo, Mac Awful the Scot, Kilroy the Cop and Jambo the Jiver.
An Effanbee Play Product – Talentoon – Talentoy
“In 2002 Tonner Doll purchased the Effanbee Doll Company,
Inc. to obtain the rights to several classic characters from the company’s
century-old history. They gained exclusive rights to Bernard Lipfert’s
1928 Patsy doll, Patsyette. Effanbee also had the rights to reproduce fashion
dolls licensed by Tribune Media like the Brenda Starr, Girl
Reporter series, and the comic strip, Little Orphan Annie.” Wikipedia
“For the first few years after the buyout the Effanbee remained an independent
subsidiary of Tonner Doll, however today the two have become a conglomerate
run under a singular management. The Effanbee doll lines, while are designed,
produced, marketed, and distributed by Tonner Doll, retain the Effanbee name.” Wikipedia

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