Friday, September 2, 2016

graduate students in cap and gown

The following graduates are illustrated in black and white and are bust length only. There is one photo here but most are pen and ink sketches on this page. A few have transparent backgrounds. If you use these on the web, keep the blog address on them. If you put the graphics inside a school year book, you may remove the "" Return to index.

male graduate with diploma in hand
bust of a young female graduate
young male graduate looking up
Court jester wearing graduate cap;
I assume this one is for theater students.
Vintage photograph of two grads in cap and gown,
male and female holding diplomas.
Tiny illustration of a boy in cap and gown.
Young lady in cap and gown opening a letter of congratulations.
Back view of male in cap and gown.
Front view of male in cap and gown.

Cute kindergarten graduate film.

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