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"Cleaning blackboard erasers is done in one-tenth the time, without
the usual fuss and muss." I can't stand all that fuss and muss,
 folks. illustration by
       I've been collecting stacks and stacks of vintage magazines, newsprint and books for years; intending to someday restore the illustrations and photos for this blog. 
       Although these images have copyrights that have lapsed, I have needed to redraw many of them, thus making them new works for the web. Teachers may use the clip art found here on their web pages provided they return a link to this blog.
       Returning a link here results in several positive circumstances for users. One, it lists your webpages under my cache at Google and improves your traffic flow and two, it refers others that may have copyright disputes back to me. Because I work as an archivist, it is much easier for me to prove where things come from and to what extent these materials have been altered. Thus removing the burden of proof from those of you that may be asked about your content. Three, it's "nice to be nice." 
       Some of you may have the burdensome task of helping your students to assemble yearbooks as well and you may be wondering if you can use the content for projects like these. This content has been released by me for that particular form of republishing only.
      Teachers may also use the illustrations to decorate worksheets, newsletters, email, slide shows, video clips, and inside software presentations for their own classroom use without contacting me to ask for permission.  However, do not include any of my vintage pngs. online in any other clip art collection intended for redistribution. Redistribution is not the same thing as decorating an article or blog post.
        If you want to illustrate a article or lesson plan on the web simply provide a link back to me under the caption of the illustration. I have demonstrated what this should look like above in the caption for the amazing "Hayes Electric Vacuum Blackboard Eraser Cleaner." (Wow, what a mouthful!)
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  1. Thank you so much! These will really help with my students' multimedia work