Friday, September 2, 2016

vintage seating for students

       For many years, each student was assigned his or her own desk inside of a classroom with rows and rows of seating. Today tables for general seating are usually preferred. Students also move around to centers of computers or to couches and chairs arranged in different parts of the room near bookcases. Back to index.
A school boy sits upright in his very comfortable desk.
Black and white illustration.
A sketch of a student looking at his notes
 just one last time before an exam.
Black and white drawing.
Both the front and back views of a plated steel student desk are
illustrated here. These two restored photos have transparent
backgrounds. Note the inkwell and groove to prevent the
 annoying rolling of pencils during class. 1920 models
Photos are in black and white.
These desks were designed to be lined up in rows inside of the
classroom. Thereby, your neighbor behind you always had the
desk. The front row seats were kept as "recitation seats." Prior
to the Second World War, recitation was a common practice in
American classrooms.

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